fulltext regulasi ekspor dan impor Singapura (REGULATION OF IMPORTS AND EXPORTS ACT):

info penting

Beberapa info penting mengenai kebijakan pasar di SIngapura dapat dilihat dari website Singapore Custom, antara lain mengenai: 

  1.  Goods Subject to Control 25
  2.  Warehousing of Goods: 
  3.  Temporary Importation for Exhibitions, Auctions & Fairs
  4.  Temporary Importation for Repairs & Other Approved Purposes
  5.  Re-Importation of Goods Temporarily Exported
  6.  Re-Importation of Singapore-Made Goods/Goods of Foreign Origin
  7.  Importation of Motor Vehicles
  8.  Importation of Intoxicating Liquors & Tobacco Products
  9.  Importation of Trade Samples
  10.  Importation of Denatured Ethyl Alcohol
  11.  Importation by Embassy/Consulate
  12.  Supply of Ships’ and Aircraft’s Stores for Consumption on Board Ships and Aircraft
  13.  Temporary Removal of Goods for Auctions and Exhibitions
  14.  Duty Exemption and GST Relief for Approved Wine Events

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